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For 100 years we've made problem-solving designs that are as beautiful as they are useful.

Healthcare and Therapeutic Settings

We work with hospitals and clinics to design everything from consultation rooms and office space to waiting rooms and check-in stations. We understand and help you comply with privacy and sanitation standards.

a patient chair and bed

Education, Campus and Research Settings

We’ve furnished student union halls at the university and individual office space on all kinds of campuses. Furnishings, with durability and style are our specialty.

Government Agencies and Public Settings

Whether you are outfitting workstations in a high traffic public building--or conference rooms and offices, we have the durable designs you are looking for.

a group of desks and chairs
a desk with chairs

Business, Corporate and Managerial Settings

Height-adjustable desks and modern office chairs are central to our services, and we offer much more: workspace layout, integrated storage solutions, customer contact stations and more.

Home Office and Non-Traditional Work Settings

When your home office is central to your career, you need the quality and comfortable style we’ve been delivering for a century. Adjustable desks and superior seating are our specialty.

computer desk and chair

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